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Driver Booster Pro Crack & Serial Keygen Download

Driver Booster Pro Crack is one of the most popular and most amazing tools used to keep your system/PC fully updated. As a powerful tool, it enables its users to examine the framework of their system continuously. Besides this, it also does many other important works such as furnishing the system as well. This amazing tool does these two features with a random and high-power exhaust rundown of our system drivers. The whole process is done while they have full data in them. As well as they have an off chance that they somehow require some refresh.

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Driver Booster License key when it comes to off chance in some cases. Then, they needed to be updated as well. While doing the updates, the whole process is very easy to do. This is because this amazing tool has a feature that helps it to do these steps easily. The feature of this tool is that it automatically searches and acquires the drivers that are right as well as recommended for this update. It then gets those drivers and frames their database. This database is framed on the web. The whole process after framing is introduced very quickly because of its high speed.

Driver Booster Pro Crack With License key 100% Working:

This amazing software is highly demanded by many users nowadays. Because of many reasons this tool become very famous as well in the market and many social communities. You can see much more such software at our Official Site. Moreover, this amazing tool is passed many updates in the last couple of years and now this is the latest version available here to download. Besides this, You can use it very easily. As I was talking about the latest update so in their latest update there are many new things. They are giving a very attractive Interface in this update which you can download from here.

As well as they are giving more than 1,000,000 drivers in a single update. Isn’t that an amazing feature? Do tell us your views on that in the comments section. You can also like us on Facebook, Twitter the links are given below, and if you have any questions they do tell us in the comments section. The program will search for new drivers for the devices as soon as you start the application for the first time. You can also start scanning by clicking on the button in the center of the screen.

Driver Booster Pro With Cracked Version Updated:

IObit Driver Booster PRO Key features a simple and easy-to-use interface. You don’t have to find out what to do: start the software, quickly scan your PC and make a comprehensive report in seconds. All driver problems are solved with a few mouse clicks. Most obsolete drivers are detected simply by clicking on the switch. When scanning, you must click on the “Update All” button to renew these outdated drivers. Unlike other controllers that update the IObit drive booster for Windows, the PC can also improve the overall features of the game.

Driver Booster PRO Serial Key provides the driver update in the latest edition with a new and intuitive user interface and new information in the web database. The Driver Booster PRO Crack is made more attractive by a customizable interface, which not only shows the friendly price for the wallet but also gives you great information through the purchase of approvals. The application provides data to match the components and device drivers, such as the device.

It is a bit difficult to keep all drivers updated. Often, laptops or laptops with Windows 10 experience driver issues. In such cases, Driver Booster Pro Torrent may be one of the better alternatives. This updater has little. In this impartial Inspection, Driver Booster, you will discover every detail. Iobit Driver Booster Pro Free Months Crack Free includes an easy-to-use interface that allows a beginner to generate the use of the application driver. With just one click, the program searches for drivers and updates them. The following section describes how to use the functions of this software effectively.

Latest Driver Booster Torrent Free:

Also, it automatically starts the scan mode with one click. You can also make a scan plan. This is the best way to use this software. Therefore, Driver Booster Pro License Key Portable can scan your device daily, weekly, and monthly. And it shows the drivers that can pass the WHQL test. Also, the interface is straightforward to use. Manage drivers in the best and most professional way. Also, Driver Booster Pro can create restore points before installing new drivers. And it can support all drivers to stay in good shape.

Driver Booster Portable Free Download:

Therefore, the software can save you time. You can protect your computer system with new functions. Because all the new features have been added. It is still safe after using the Driver Booster Torrent computer system. Always find the best driver to install hardware. It moves very fast. If there are one or more updates. Then you can install them one by one. Therefore, the last section of Microsoft Games has updated it.

The Newest Driver Booster Pro Serial Keys is excellent software. It is a popular tool in the world. People can easily use it. And all users can trust it. You can also use it. Therefore, this tool is the best in the world. With just one click, it will run on your system. So you can enjoy it more and more.

The Ease of Use:

Before talking about the ease of use first let’s see the ease of setup. The installation of the software doesn’t have so many options. So it is easy to install. However, it recommends installing other software during the installation. When you click on the install button, it urges you to install Advanced SystemCare, and once the installation is complete, it again asks for your email address. So, you should pay attention to the installation steps.

Main Features Of Driver Booster Pro Crack:

Driver Booster PRO Latest has several useful features. It even listed some tools that are not included in the software. You will realize when you click on them to use, and then it recommends you to download. The features that are working in the product are essential and useful. Below are such features that I find interesting.

Rescue Center:

  • Rescue Center is the most critical feature of Driver Booster 7 PRO Final. Updating a driver is like taking the blood. It should suit you and match your blood type. If it doesn’t, you could be in a lot of problems.
  • Similarly, the driver should suit the device; otherwise, it could stop working or behave abnormally. Though, Driver Booster claims that it tests all the drivers before making them available to you. Still, you need to stay cautious.
  • In case the driver doesn’t suit your device and starts creating the problem, the Driver Booster Rescue Center comes into place. You need to use it before start updating the drivers that why I am listing this feature first.
  • Rescue Center allows you to take the backup of all your drivers. So in case of any problem, you could restore them. Although it takes the backup when you update the driver, if you are going to format your PC, then it is helpful. It is best to create a driver backup before formatting your computer. This way, you make sure that you will have the correct version of the driver after the format.
  • The System Restore section is even better. Whenever there are changes in your system, it creates a system restore point. This restore point helps you to restore your PC in case of any mishappening. Driver Booster automatically creates a system restore points after an update, but you can use it to make double sure.

Massive Driver Database:

  • Driver Booster 7 PRO has a collection of 3.5 million rare drivers and gaming components. If one of your devices is so old and even the official websites have discontinued the driver, then you don’t need to worry. Driver Booster has a collection of such rare drivers. You won’t be forced to stop using the device as the driver isn’t available.
  • Not just the rare drivers but it also have the collection of the latest ones. On my new laptop which I purchased last month, it displays 8 outdated drivers and 5 gaming components. Even on a new laptop, the drivers weren’t updated. Even the primary devices, like Audio and Bluetooth drivers, were outdated. I am impressed with the massive database of Driver Booster 7 PRO.
  • The drivers are not just the latest, but they are also safe. The Driver Booster only pushes a driver update when it is passed the Microsoft WHQL test. Not only the WHQL but IObit also test the driver on their own. So the driver you download on your PC is crossed with two quality controls. So, there is no chance that the driver you are updating could cause any problem.

Game Boost:

  • Game Boost is nothing but an option to stop unnecessary processes and services. It releases the RAM that is useful when you are playing a game. It is not like that you will only use the Game Boost when you have to play the game. You can use it when you need extra RAM for a task.
  • For example, if you are editing a video and watching videos in 4K. Such tasks require more RAM, so when Game Boost releases RAM, it helps these processes to run smoother. You can click on the Details to know which process and services it stopped.

Value in Terms of Money:

  • Features wise Driver Booster has all the essential qualities. All the essential features that should be in a Driver Updater software are present in the Driver Booster. You might feel that some features are repetitive like Fix no sound, Fix bad resolution, Fix network failure. If you have such a problem, then Driver Updater will fix that by updating the driver. So if you have no sound issue, it will check for sound drivers. It is a useful feature.
  • You will get all these features. The subscription is valid for a year and works on 3 PCs. In this minor cost, you will get peace without worrying about updating drivers. It automatically updates the best drivers and also boosts the performance of your PC.

Final Verdict:

  • An outdated driver may cost you a lot. Cybercriminals could exploit the vulnerability through obsolete drivers. It could create a huge problem. They might steal your valuable data or can lock your PC and ask for ransom. Also, outdated drivers could slow down your PC. You should keep the drivers of your PC updated all the time. For this purpose, Driver Booster PRO Crack is the best choice. The Rescue Center and Game Boost feature is the plus point of this software.
  • The only thing I don’t like in Driver Booster PRO is the promotion of other tools. Driver Booster promotes other iObit products like Advanced SystemCare Pro, IOBit Uninstaller, etc. It is fine on a free version, but when we paid the subscription cost, it should not use that to promote other products.

Advanced Features:

  • Instantly identify obsolete owners.
  • One-click modification to get the best hardware performance.
  • Professional drivers are tuned to the ideal gaming experience.
  • Simple, safe, and fast to use.
  • Improve the performance of your PC.
  • Click Download and update expired drivers.
  • Improve hardware capabilities for optimal performance.
  • Professional drivers adapt to the best gaming experience.
  • Instantly identify obsolete individuals.
  • More hardware is supported through the device.
  • Enjoy fast priority updates from outdated drivers.
  • A backup controller for secure restorations.
  • Download the updated driver at a speed of 300%.
  • The latest version can be updated automatically.
  • Support for faster hardware devices.
  • Improve hardware features for better performance.
  • Automatically evaluate and identify obsolete, missing, and defective controllers.
  • Download and update obsolete walkers with one click.
  • Reduce system freezing for better performance.
  • Make an automatic backup of all walkers for a safe restoration.
  • Counterfeit updates game components for more gameplay.
  • Automatically update to the new model.
  • 24/7 technical support available upon request.
  • Includes VC Runtime 2008, VC Runtime 2010, and VC Runtime 2012.
  • A reliable data source has a driver publication for Windows updates.
  • Find any controller quickly and accurately.
  • Problem detection and lack of procedures to safely correct equipment problems.
  • Packaged carefully and no longer uses disconnected devices.
  • Scan and put outdated drivers faster.
  • The new easy-to-use version offers three aspects: dark, white, and interstellar.

What is Driver and why we need it?

A device driver is a file that lets the computer know the configuration and specifications of a certain hardware device. Some examples of devices that need drivers are hard drives, DVD drives, and PCI cards. Without the driver file, the computer will be unable to communicate with the device.

Why is it necessary to keep drivers updated?

Updating drivers can enhance game performance because the hardware device manufacturer will update the driver for their device after some new games are released. So if you want to play a new game, you are recommended to update drivers.

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What’s New In Driver Booster Pro Crack?

  • Now it has an expanded driver database which allows us to have more gadgets
  • Most of the recent Software can find those here.
  • It added another fix procedure in Fix for Sound themes.
  • There is no other such Sound device for better-fixed capacity in the market nowadays.
  • What it does now be that it optimized the program’s establishment
  • This makes it rational and it becomes very comfortable to use now for many users.
  • It has improved the driver establishment process, as I have discussed before, for a greater achievement rate nowadays.
  • Can fix known bugs as well now.

Driver Booster PRO Serial Key:





Driver Booster Serial Key Latest:





Driver Booster PRO Key:





IObit Driver Booster Key:






  • Update Drivers when Idle.
  • Keeps Driver backups for roll-back.
  • Improves Gaming Experience.


  • Ads and Upsells on the app interface.
  • Warnings of Outdated Driver is alarming.

System Requirements:

  • Your system should have Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or higher versions running on it.
  • You can have the Windows Server  2016/2012 R2/2008 SP2,
  • Must have a Processor chip of 1 GHz or more is recommended.
  • Should have a Slam of 512 MB or higher.
  • The System has to have a Broadband association of the web as well.
  • Should have a Storage room of 500 MB in your system or higher.


  • OS: Windows 10/8/8.1/ 7/ XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


  • OS: Windows 10/ 8/8.1/ 7/ XP/Vista
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

How To Install Driver Booster Pro Crack?

  • Step one is to download Driver Booster Pro Crack Free from Here or from the link given below.
  • Step two is that you have to properly concentrate on the downloaded record of WinRAR.
  • Now, Open the downloaded file extract it.
  • After when you have to find the setup.
  • Run Driver Booster Pro Crack from it which is the setup file.
  • Step three is to use the key of Driver Booster Key for activation.
  • Thus, use that key to activate it.
  • All done, Enjoy!

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